Monday, February 25, 2008

The Number 23 (2007)


I love movies based on obsession, but to be frank when I thought of watching Jim Carey in one i was more than a little thrown off on the idea.

The number 23, is the story of a man Walter Sparrow, he lives a normal life, beautiful wife, happy marriage and a son that loves him. Until one day a series of events, perpetuated by a simple choice lead him to find a book. The book is title “The number 23”.
The book is the story of obsession, murder and suicide all based around the number 23, as walter reads the novel he begins finding similarities to his own life and that of the narrator. What starts as a simple series of co-incidences quickly turn into obsession as Walter begins to find that there is more to the number 23 than meets the eye...

Jim Carey is fantastic in his role of Walter Sparrow, but with that said i think that this would have been a role better served by a less type cast actor. This is a role that would have been much more suited to the likes of Tim Robbins or Johnny Depp, as Carey’s comedic status and iconic face, draw away from the intensity of the film. This is by no means a slight on Carey’s acting ability, but as with one of the films main themes, we are dictated not by fate but the choices we make, and Jim you chose to be the funny man in films, you should stick to that.

I was also impressed with the films use of both contemporary film style and the infusion of noir. I felt that this created enough balance between the light and dark to leave the viewer feeling not too overwhelmed by the blackness of the story line.

I would totally recommend “the number 23” to anyone who enjoys a psychological thriller, with a bunch of twists and turns thrown in

Jim Carrey...Walter Sparrow / Fingerling

Virginia Madsen...Agatha Sparrow / Fabrizia

Logan Lerman...Robin Sparrow

Danny Huston...Isaac French / Dr. Miles Phoenix

Lynn Collins...Suicide Blonde / Mrs. Dobkins / Young Fingerling's Mother

Rhona Mitra...Laura Tollins

Michelle Arthur...Sybil

Mark Pellegrino...Kyle Flinch

Paul Butcher...Young Fingerling / Young Walter

David Stifel...Hotel Clerk

Corey Stoll...Sergeant Burns

Ed Lauter...Father Sebastian

Troy Kotsur...Barnaby

Walter Soo Hoo...Chinese Restaurant Owner

Patricia Belcher...Dr. Alice Mortimer

On a personal note, I am by no means a superstitious guy, but I watched this film while in transit at Taipei airport, it was 1 am and the place was deserted. When the film ended i looked up at the sign above me and saw something that gave me a moments hesitation and added to the effect of the film.

7+10+6= 23

I thought on it for a moment or two before deciding, it’s just a co-incidence...



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