Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Promotion (2008)


Okay nothing new here, 2 guys battling it out to get noticed at work. They both have alot riding on this promotion which is what it takes to push good guys to do bad things. This is just a much better version of 'Employee of the Month'. Crazy funny at times, drags on a bit at others but overall it is a good film for a lazy night in.

The Plot:

At 33, Doug Stauber is ready for a promotion. He's married, wants to buy a house, and is assistant manager at a Chicago supermarket that's building a new store in his neighborhood. His boss tells him he's a shoe in to manage the new store, then, a rival appears - Richard Wehlner, transferred from Canada. Richard has a deeper resume than Doug, is really nice, has a wife and daughter, and wants the promotion to manager, too. How should Doug behave toward Richard - as a friend, a colleague, a competitor, or an enemy? Richard, it seems, has demons and a past, but with the help of motivational tapes, he's resolved to succeed. Corporate and personal tests await the two men.

The Cast:

Seann William Scott ... Doug Stauber

John C. Reilly ... Richard Wehlner

Rick Gonzalez ... Ernesto

Adrian Martinez ... Octavio

Maestro Harrell ... First Kid in Parking Lot

Kristopher Lofton ... Second Kid in Parking Lot

Jarreau Brown ... Third Kid in Parking Lot

Edwin M. Walker ... Fourth Kid in Parking Lot

Jamaal C. Adams ... Fifth Kid in Parking Lot

Mario Larraza ... Edgar

Tory O. Davis ... Keith

Fred Armisen ... Scott Fargas

Bobby Cannavale ... Dr. Timms

Jenna Fischer ... Jen Stauber

Richard Henzel ... Motivational Speaker

The Trailer:

The Movie:


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