Friday, April 25, 2008

Clerks 2 (2006)


They are back, and they are brilliant! The worlds most loved misfit clerks have returned to the screen; 10 years has past, they are a little fatter, a little older and only a miniscule touch more mature! In the original “Clerks” installment Dante and Randall dealt with the ins and outs of trying to find their place in the world, the struggle of the 20 something, not sure where this life of theirs is going, just looking for a good time, a good girl and some good friends. A time where a hockey game can be the be all and end all of a persons day. Now 10 years later they still struggle with finding themselves but on a new level, the mid life crisis has set in, faced with the onslaught of their 30’s the boys are now looking at marriage and security and the possibility of it breaking their life long friendship. This new installment of “Clerks” doesn’t fail to satisfy it’s fans with gritty dick & fart joke humor that they have come to expect from writer/director Kevin Smith aka Silent Bob. In fact it serves up a myriad of offside humor and situations guaranteed to please even the most die hard View Askew fans. “Clerks 2” was a gamble as an idea, as a film it is a screaming success!

The Plot:

After the Quick Stop burns down Dante and Randall, find themselves new employment at Moobies, (the MacDonalds esque creation of Kevin Smith). While Dante sets about his last day working in Jersey, and prepares to leave with his fiancee to live in Florida, Randall is left looking at a future without his best friend to balance out his bullshit. The question is, is Dante leaving his friends behind for the right reasons or is he simply doing what he thinks a 33 year old man should do?


Brian O'Halloran...Dante

Jeff Anderson...Randal

Jason Mewes...Jay

Kevin Smith...Silent Bob

Trevor Fehrman...Elias

Rosario Dawson...Becky

Jason Lee...Lance Dowds

Kevin Weisman...Hobbit Lover

Jake Richardson...Teen #1

Ethan Suplee...Teen #2

Jennifer Schwalbach Smith...Emma aka Kevin Smiths Wife

Rachel Larratt...Counter Girl with Ear Guy

Shannon Larratt...Ear Guy

Ben Affleck...Gawking Guy

Sarah Ault...Catholic Schoolgirl

Lalida Sujjavasin...Catholic Schoolgirl #2

Gail Stanley...Elias' Mom

Bruce Macintosh...Elias' Dad


The Movie:


Mr. Pappagiorgio said...

While nothing like the original save for the characters, Clerks II was a totally different animal. Clerks II was hilarious from beginning to end and Kevin Smith fans will love every minute of it...and if thats not enough, I got two more words for you: DONKEY SHOW! That's all I'm gonna say!

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