Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay (2008)


Roldy and Kumar are back and they have stepped it up. Anyone who is a fan of the first installment, will love this film, the origional stoner vibe is still running strong in this one, but they have used the popularity of the first film to beef up the budget and add a bunch of social and political commentary to this one.

The Plot:

The morning they return from their White Castle road trip, Harold and Kumar decide to go to Amsterdam because Harold doesn't want to wait ten days to see Maria again. On the plane, Kumar lights up his new bong, the air marshals think it's a bomb, and Harold and Kumar are arrested as terrorists and sent to Guantanamo Bay. Ordered to fellate a guard, they manage to escape, make their way to Florida, and head for Texas to find Kumar's ex-girlfriend's fiancé, the well-connected Colton, and get him to intercede with Washington on their behalf. Kumar still has a thing for Vanessa, the feds are in hot pursuit, and the legal weed of Amsterdam seems a long way away.

The Cast:

John Cho ... Harold Lee

Kal Penn ... Kumar Patel

Rob Corddry ... Ron Fox

Jack Conley ... Deputy Frye

Roger Bart ... Dr. Jack Beecher

Neil Patrick Harris ... Neil Patrick Harris

Danneel Harris ... Vanessa Fanning

Eric Winter ... Colton Graham

Paula Garcés ... Maria

Jon Reep ... Raymus

Missi Pyle ... Raylene

Mark Munoz ... Cyrus

James Adomian ... George W. Bush

Beverly D'Angelo ... Sally

Echo Valley ... Tits Hemingway


The Movie:


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