Friday, March 7, 2008

3:10 to Yuma (2007)


What great western! I mean the film had a few flaws for sure, but all in all it was a true western, the story of men, real men. Unlike many westerns this film is a character piece with just that little extra depth, I thought it stepped away from stereo types with the main two characters Ben Wade ( Russell Crowe) the bad assed cold blooded train robber and Dan Evans (Christian Bale) a man willing to give his life for his families prosperity and also to gain the respect of his son. The way they broke the stereo typing in my opinion was to look at the times and lifestyle these men were faced with, using that to help define how they became the men the are. It was this delve into character that separates “ 3:10 to Yuma ” from so many other westerns following a similar story line.
Had it not been for the characterization however, this film would have fallen short in my book, some of the encounters with the gang were too well timed in the story and the gang itself had a real 2 dimensional feel to them.
The end sequence of this film was classic western down the line, out gunned good guy doing what he has to do, by his word and his honor.
If you like Westerns then check the “ 3:10 to Yuma ” out for sure!

The Plot:

Rancher Dan Evans heads into Bisbee to clear up issues concerning the sake of his land when he witnesses the closing events of a stagecoach robbery led by famed outlaw Ben Wade. Shortly thereafter, Wade is captured by the law in Bisbee and Evans finds himself one of the escorts who will take Wade to the 3:10 to Yuma train in Contention for the reward of $200. Evans's effort to take Wade to the station is in part an effort to save his land but also part of an inner battle to determine whether he can be more than just a naive rancher in the eyes of his impetuous and gunslinging son William Evans. The transport to Contention is hazardous and filled with ambushes by Indians, pursuits by Wade's vengeful gang and Wade's own conniving and surreptitious demeanor that makes the ride all the more intense.


Russell Crowe...Ben Wade

Christian Bale...Dan Evans

Logan Lerman...William Evans

Dallas Roberts...Grayson Butterfield

Ben Foster...Charlie Prince

Peter Fonda...Byron McElroy

Vinessa Shaw...Emmy Nelson

Alan Tudyk...Doc Potter

Luce Rains...Marshal Weathers

Gretchen Mol...Alice Evans

Lennie Loftin...Glen Hollander

Rio Alexander...Campos

Johnny Whitworth...Tommy Darden

Shawn Howell...Jackson (as Shawn D. Howell)

Pat Ricotti...Jorgensen


The Movie:


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