Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Across The Universe (2007)


An Incredible musical masterpiece, set in the turmoil that was the 1960’s. Infused through out this film are classic renditions of the beatles, in such a way that the lyrics not only compliment the story line, but seem to take on a whole new meaning. The choreography is phenomenal, unlike so many other films of this vein, the dance moves a completely integrated into the moment, rather than simply becoming the moment. With a great young cast, a brilliantly executed film comes alive on the screen! This is the first musical I have seen that isn’t whimsical, quirky or corny. “ Across the Universe.” is a film lovers musical, full of youth, vitality and true love, in a time of intense confusion and turmoil.

The likeness of the characters Sadie and JoJo to Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix was a great touch, I think it really helped encapsulate that part of the eras culture.

I only docked this amazing film .5points for being a little ambiguous at the start. Stick with it it gets more amazing as it progresses.

Keep an eye out for Joe Cockers cameo, during his awesome rendition of “Come Together”

Also Bono singing "I am the walrus" a very well placed song and a great job by Bono, didn't recognize him till he started singing!

Other Cameos: Eddy Izzard and Salma Hayek

The Plot:

A dock worker Jude travels to America in the 1960s to find his estranged father. There he falls in love with sheltered American teenager Lucy. When her brother Max is drafted to fight in the Vietnam War, they become involved in peace activism. The film title and main characters are named after various songs by The Beatles.


Evan Rachel Wood ... Lucy Carrigan

Jim Sturgess...Jude

Joe Anderson... Max Carrigan

Dana Fuchs... Sadie

Martin Luther... JoJo (as Martin Luther McCoy)

T.V. Carpio... Prudence

Spencer Liff... Daniel

Lisa Hogg ... Jude's Liverpool Girlfriend

Nicholas Lumley... Cyril

Michael Ryan... Phil

Angela Mounsey... Martha - Jude's Mother

Dylan Baker... Max's Father

Erin Elliott ... Cheer Coach

Robert Clohessy... ude's Father

Curtis Holbrook ... Dorm Buddy


The Movie:


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