Thursday, March 13, 2008

.45 (2006)


I loved this film! Great acting, brutal story line, nice use of the speak to the camera technique for character narraive. There was not much in the way of origionality in this film, in fact there are many other movies out, with almost identical stories and characters, so what made “.45” so great?  Simple, 2 things, great dialogue and great delivery.
This film can get a little rough with its portayal of domestic violence. so if that is not your cup of tea maybe better to skip this one.

Milla Jovovich is sexy as hell in this movie, quoting the line "Lips, Hips & Tits" in affirmation of the power of a woman's sexuality.

This is the first time I have seen Angus Macfadyen since his role in "Braveheart" and he doesn't disappoint, pulling off the hard ass, girl beating thug with amazing skill.

“.45” has it all, sex, guns, hot girls, tough guys and a whole mess of danger and deciet, a definate must see, for people who are fans of the fast, sexy and dangerous.

The Plot:

Kate and her brutish boyfriend Big Al sell handguns on the streets of New York. She's smart, stylish, and self-confident, but all that leaves her when Al, in a jealous and self-indulgent rage, beats her. Three friends encourage her recovery: Vic, a woman who would like to be Kate's lover; Reilly, who runs with Al but also is attracted to Kate and repulsed by Al's violence; and, Liz, the counselor assigned to Kate from a battered-women's program. Vic and Reilly talk about killing Al, Liz gives pep talks; Kate remains frightened. Will Al's menace and Kate's dependency hold sway?


Milla Jovovich... Kat

Angus Macfadyen... Big Al

Stephen Dorff... Reilly

Aisha Tyler... Liz

Sarah Strange... Vic

Vincent Laresca... Jose (as Vincent LaResca)

Tony Munch... Clancy

Kay Hawtrey... Marge

John Robinson ... Cop #1

Tim Eddis ... Cop #2

Hardee T. Lineham... Father Duffel (as Hardee Lineham)

Dawn Greenhalgh... Fran

Nola Augustson... Gertie (as Nola Auguston)

John Gordon... Danny

Shawn Campbell... Original Owner



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