Thursday, March 6, 2008

Rocky Balboa (2006)


I refused to watch this film for quite sometime, but then while sitting at home a little bored I thought what the hey. I was pleasantly surprised, this does not mean i liked the film, but it also doesn’t mean i hated it. I remember the first time i saw rocky (the first one) and I thought no here is a great film, full of heart, determination, love. Essentially Rocky represented the underdog in all of us, the good guy that just wont quit till he gets where he wants to be. In this latest installment I felt that Stallone had finally returned to that guy, With his beloved wife Adrian now passed, his career over and his son off doing his own thing, Rocky for once has to face his darkest demon...His legacy and his pride.
Stallone does great in this, his most famous role, but the story line tends to wonder off a little into sentiment that is never fully explained. I get that he misses having Adrian by his side, and that he wants to be closer to his son, but would that really justify taking in a single mother and her teenage child after a brief encounter in a bar, and a momentary stroll down memory lane? Also the Boy goes from bad ass street kid to the perfect kid within 3 scenes.
I really loved the scene with Rocky and his son outside the restaurant, there was some hard truths laid bare in that scene that really need to be voiced, as we are faced with an ever more apathetic generation of twenty somethings. Any way well worth a watch if you are a fan of Rocky, the other movies are kind of a must see prior to this one, as they really create the mood of the film, and add depth to its sombre reminiscence.

The Plot:

widower of many years now Rocky has fallen into a routine of looking back to his past. A coincidental meeting with a girl that is now all grown up gets him back on track. Rocky always wanting to help those that he cares about lends a hand out for she and her son. Rocky now owns a small restaurant in the heart of Philly, he finds himself telling stories to those that ask about old fights and taking photos with his fans. Paulie, his wife's brother shows him an ESPN exclusive about a virtual fight between reigning undefeated heavy weight champion of the world Mason "The Line" Dixon. The virtual bout intrigues everyone with Rocky "the Italion Stallion" as the winner. Rocky feels like he needs to get back in the ring not for a title shot, but for some local fights that will satisfy his love of the game. When Rocky is approached by Dixon's managers Rocky can't turn the semi charity event down. After tying things back up with his son, Rocky, Duke (his former trainer), Paulie, and Rocky Jr. get to work training the still in shape former 2 time heavy weight champion of the world. You'll be inspired by the heart vs skill bout of ten amazing rounds.


Sylvester Stallone...Rocky Balboa

Burt Young...Paulie

Antonio Tarver...Mason 'The Line' Dixon

Geraldine Hughes...Marie

Milo Ventimiglia...Robert Jr.

Tony Burton...Duke

A.J. Benza...L.C.

James Francis Kelly III...Steps

Talia Shire...Adrian (archive footage)

Lou DiBella...Himself

Mike Tyson...Himself

Henry G. Sanders...Martin

Pedro Lovell...Spider Rico

Ana Gerena...Isabel

Angela Boyd...Angie


The Movie:


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