Wednesday, March 26, 2008

X2 (2003)


The saga continues! This time the X-men are faced with a new foe, a foe that hates mutants with  a hate fueled by a personal vendetta. A foe with all the resources of the government and a very unique insight into the mutant world at his disposal! Rarely does a sequel surpass the original for me, but this one totally does. The characters are more defined, the relationships between them more entangled and the action is way more intense!
Once again Hugh Jackman steals the show in this film, immortalizing the iconic character of Wolverine even further, with more ferocity and intensity than in the original X-men movie!
If you liked X-men, then you are going to love X2!

The Plot:

Several months had passed since The X-Men defeated Magneto and imprisoned him in a plastic chamber. One day, a mutant going by the name of "Nightcrawler" infiltrates The White House and attempts to assassinate The President. Meanwhile, Logan is trying to discover his past, and wonder why he became a mutant. However, the friction between the humans and mutants is grinding much harder. As a scientist named William Stryker is assigned to discover about Professor X's secret school and his chamber called "Cerebro". Meanwhile, Magneto's partner, Mystique, is planning to break her leader out of prison. Then, Professor X's school is attacked by Stryker's forces. Logan, Rougue, Iceman and others escaped. The rest of The X-Men meet in Boston along with Magneto, who escaped from prison. They must work together to stop Stryker and rescue Professor X.


Patrick Stewart...Professor Charles Xavier

Hugh Jackman...Logan / Wolverine

Ian McKellen...Eric Lensherr / Magneto

Halle Berry...Storm / Ororo Munroe

Famke Janssen...Jean Grey

James Marsden...Scott Summers / Cyclops

Anna Paquin...Rogue / Marie D'Ancanto

Rebecca Romijn...Mystique / Grace (as Rebecca Romijn-Stamos)

Brian Cox...William Stryker

Alan Cumming...Kurt Wagner / Nightcrawler

Bruce Davison...Senator Kelly

Aaron Stanford...John Allerdyce / Pyro

Shawn Ashmore...Bobby Drake / Iceman

Kelly Hu...Yuriko Oyama / Deathstrike

Katie Stuart...Kitty Pryde



Speedcat Hollydale said...

I loved this movie ... and Halle Berry!

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