Friday, March 7, 2008

Meet the Spartans (2008)


Silly, Stupid, ridiculous, but funny as well. I have long been a fan of parody films, the greats like “Airplane”, “Hot Shots” and “Top Secret” are amongst my favorite films of all time. Recent attempts at Parody has fallen well below par in my book though, “Films” like “Epic Movie” for example were so stupid and pointless that watching it for 20 minutes left me with a migraine! “Meet the Spartans” however delivers quite well, by opting to stick with one main film to parody (300) and infusing a mass amount of pop culture into it, they have hit the nail on the head in my book. While many parts of this film are just plain stupid, there are plenty of classic comedy moments to be found. Keep an eye out for the Britany Spears scene, had me in stitches!

Sean Maguire was absolutely brilliant in his parody of Leonidas, a few times I thought they had gotten Jerard Butler to parody himself!

And Nicole Parker deserves a shout out for her portrayal Britany/Paris/Ellen and Abdul in this film!

The Plot:

Um..plot...well think of “300” and then make it as stupid as you can!


Sean Maguire...Leonidas

Carmen Electra...Queen Margo

Ken Davitian...Xerxes

Kevin Sorbo...Captain

Diedrich Bader...Traitoro

Method Man...Persian Emissary

Jareb Dauplaise...Dilio

Travis Van Winkle...Sonio

Phil Morris...Messenger

Jim Piddock...Loyalist / Simon Cowell

Nicole Parker...Britney Spears / Paris Hilton / Paula Abdul / Ellen DeGeneres / Hunchback Paris

Ike Barinholtz...Dane Cook / Bond Villain / Prophet

Crista Flanagan...Spartan Woman / Ugly Betty

Hunter Clary...Leo Jr.

Emily Wilson...Lindsay Lohan



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