Thursday, March 6, 2008

Evan Almighty (2007)


I was a big fan of Bruce almighty, and so gave this one a look. To say the least it was a typical sequel, meaning that it lacked the appeal of the first and tried to reproduce the same ideas and jokes with a slightly new twist.
All that said “Evan Almighty” is an enjoyable watch, but it isn’t what I would call a good movie. As for laughs it is full of them, the animal work in it is incredible, CG is fairly impressive, however it really lacks substance in plot.

What's next, The Rock Almighty with a David and Goliath motif?

I got a laugh when I realised this modern day Noahs wife’s name was Joan, Made me think of “Bill and Teds Excellent adventure”

The Plot:

The last time we saw Evan Baxter, he was being tormented by rival Bruce Nolan on screen, live from their Buffalo TV station. But as time passed and Evan has made up with Bruce, he's gone onto bigger and better things. Newly elected to Washington D.C. as a congressman, Evan has left Buffalo, New York in pursuit of a greater calling. But that calling isn't serving in the illustrious ranks of America's politics, but being summoned by the Almighty himself, who has handed Evan the task of building a new ark, much as Noah did before. With time passing by and his family belittled by Evan's newfound realization, Evan will have to do the work that God has given him in what promises to be an unusual adventure for a man who just wanted to serve his country, might actually be serving humanity.


Steve Carell...Evan Baxter

Morgan Freeman...God

Lauren Graham...Joan Baxter

Johnny Simmons...Dylan Baxter

Graham Phillips...Jordan Baxter

Jimmy Bennett...Ryan Baxter

John Goodman...Congressman Long

Wanda Sykes...Rita

John Michael Higgins...Marty

Jonah Hill...Eugene

Molly Shannon...Eve Adams

Harve Presnell...Congressman Burrows

P.J. Byrne...Evan's Staffer

Ralph Louis Harris...Evan's Staffer (as Ralph Harris)

Arden Myrin...Evan's Staffer



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